No doubt, you’ve heard the promise in one form or another: 30 days to a new you, 6 weeks to a new you, 12 week transformation… And, no doubt, after 30 days or, 6 or 12 weeks of sustained exercise you WILL be new, if not transformed in any number of ways.

But the magic of exercise is its power to bring on a new you in ONE day, then more new you each time after that.

Talk about return on investment (and it’s guaranteed). For each ONE day that you exercise, you get a new you. No break in or probationary period, or trial membership, or try-out—1 day to a new you, and a new you each and every time you exercise that includes a shortlist of improved energy, revved metabolism, stronger muscles, increased joint range-of-motion, balanced emotions, and cognitive clarity. Yes, after just ONE day of exercise…which, is especially important to realize for how it sustains our motivation.

To many of us, but mostly to the previously underactive or chronically-disappointed-by-exercise-results crowd, 30 days might just as well be 30 decades. It’s no secret that some doubt they will be able to string together two days much less 30. Realizing that ONE day yields benefit means that doing ONE day of exercise is an achievement worthy of recognition. The result of ONE day – the wellness benefit and the motivation boost from notching the achievement of doing exercise.

So stop focusing on 30 days, or 6 or 12 weeks from now and instead center on the new that you will be after exercising today. After all, why go for one new you in 30-days when you can actually get 30 new yous in 30 days?