Rebar? – The reinforcing metal/iron poles used in construction to (as best possible) guarantee a structure stands as tall tomorrow as it is today.  Well, think about the Iron Footprint approach as rebar to your exercise habit.  It reinforces your motivation by translating your activity into achievement.  Since Success begets Success – you will be just as excited to engage tomorrow as you are today. 

Like rebar providing support regardless of a structure’s shape, ‘Footprint supports motivation regardless of the exercise program you follow by deconstructing its parts into chunkable pieces that are each achievement-notchable.  Net/ net, you can micro-manage every mile, leg kick, downward dog, combo plyometrics sequence, session on the elliptical or pass through the group fitness circuit as its own separate marker of achievement.      

For example, if you use a video or group class as your primary FitBASE routine a possible motivation risk is monotony since the sequencing tends to be the same one viewing/session to the next.  Notching your ‘Footprint lessens the risk by chunking the program into parts you can track for progress.  Maybe the first time through your program you were able to do 20 minutes of cardio until you had to slow down, but by the 7th time through you were able to finish the entire portion.  Obvious achievement that you can notch in your ‘Footprint (a notch for completing a FitBASE workout and a FitBEST for completing x minutes of the program’s cardio).  Or, maybe a program component is push-ups, and the first time through you were not able to complete any but the 5th time through you were able to do 3 – more notchable FitBEST achievement!

‘Footprint as rebar supports your motivation by providing something to show for your efforts and tracking your real-time progress.  In addition, you can also create an assessment that captures aspects of how you feel while doing the program – both physically and emotionally – maybe awkward, and one-step behind at first but proficient, and light on your feet over time.  Or, if you are like me exercising to a video – lost, disconnected, frustrated, but then (a bit more) confident over (a long period of) time.   These measures are as notchable as physical FitBESTS since they represent yet another feature of engagement.  Conquering the routine of a video is absolutely an achievement (that I can only hope to experience some day).        

Footnote – the unit next to mine is under renovation, no doubt the inspiration for this rebar thing.  Buzz saws, hammering new wood flooring, sanding – I’m all for home improvement and probably jealous it’s not my unit, but hopefully this post is well received because something good has to come from the noise!!