Talking about our techno-driven, ability to instantly fast-forward entertainment is cliché, but especially this time of year it needs some attention.

With access to a clickable button, we control much of entertainment’s fabric of life. Among a gazillion other can-do’s, we can instantly pace or change what we watch, play and listen to. This means no pesky commercials to interrupt our viewing pleasure, no waiting for one song to finish to get to the one we really like, no playing a part of a video game we don’t like. Nope. We don’t have to wait anymore for what we want. Controlled only by our whim we fast-forward to the good stuff without second thought. Of course I’m going right to the spot I want and of course I’m going there now. We don’t do waiting, so when we have to wait we don’t like it much, and we’re not very good at it…

Enter physical activity/exercise. Sustaining wellness, especially fitness, is the epitome of permanent old-school. Older than 8-track players, mimeograph machines and rotary phones, no App is ever going to change the rules. To benefit from physical activity we need to be physically active. Often. And, of a duration long enough to kick in a training effect and with exertion vigorous enough to overload our normal workload. Yep, we need to breathe hard, sweat, and might be sore the next day, but the ultimate result of (temporary) discomfort is wellness, for which there isn’t a price.

But here is the kicker, since all the more we have the capacity to control so much of our life, all the more we are going to think something is wrong if our fitness results aren’t instant (as misleading as this is to begin with).

First, we need to be realistic about outcomes. The promised ‘fast and easy radical body transformation’ is sorely misleading and unrealistic. Yes, exercise certainly can change your contours but your legs are going to remain your legs.

Second, we need to be patient. This means being able to delay gratification, an unfamiliar phrase in contemporary vernacular. Contour changes can occur, but it takes time.

Yet, and third, we need to remember that EACH time we engage in physical activity we are improving our quality of life by optimizing our physical, cognitive and emotional capacity. Physical activity uniquely and profoundly sustains our wellness!

Fourth, we need to redefine our conception of exercise achievement by realizing there is much more to it than the radical body transformation (that is unrealistic to begin with). Exercise success is completing your daily workout, setting a personal record in a physical activity event, and doing activity new to you or in addition to your daily workout.

While there’s not an App to do the work for you there is support to help you build resilient motivation to stick to and grow your routine. As ‘motivation through achievement’, Iron Footprint Fitness reveals all the ways you can achieve and how to display all the ways you do achieve.

The wellness and life quality that ONLY exercise can bring on is never a cliché. You can stick with a routine!!