New data about childhood obesity intervention strengthens the evidence that has been compiling for a couple of years – comprehensive, umbrella strategies that involve the public-private and nonprofit sectors work! Said otherwise – it takes a village to combat childhood obesity, and villages are being built!

New York City, Philadelphia, Los Angles and now San Diego have reduced the prevalence and trajectory of the condition by approaching intervention from an umbrella perspective. These results are especially significant considering the disproportionate prevalence each faced. Considering population demographics particularly at-risk, each of these was a veritable perfect storm for the prevalence to fester, and fester it did – until broad-based intervention programming wholly modified the lifestyles of each region’s kids. Augmented school and community-based physical activity programming offered barrier-free, developmentally appropriate activity opportunities, improved school lunch offered nutritionally-rich food, parent education helped parents make informed food purchase decisions and understand how to prepare nutritious meals, public works enacted policy making non-motorized transportation safe.

While each infrastructure improvement carries its own take-away, lost in the numbers crunch is evidence to support the kids feel better about themselves and that one person CAN make a difference. Many kids report that the support/motivation they received from just ONE adult helped them sustain their motivation

Be a village of many or a village of one, get a kid jumping rope!