Activity profile:  prioritizes engagement, self-identifies as an athlete, hard workouts are followed by harder workouts, only RARELY experiences a “I don’t wanna do this set,” much less day, follows a sport-specific training plan, plays organized sports during the week and tournaments on weekends, participates in all types of endurance events, takes only activity-focused vacations, competes at an elite level, wins!    

Sound like anyone you know?  Like YOU?

Ok, then!  We get you, buuuuut you want more, right?  I mean, you are just getting started.  No way have you tapped out because Type-A is but the first step to Type-AA.  Oh, didn’t know there was a Type-AA?  There is, and shhh, here is the secret to getting there – Regularly trial FitBESTS and notch FitBUBBLES to foster ultimate fitness and boost the intangibles that can hone your competitive edge.    

FitBESTS stimulate ultimate fitness/skill proficiency even when they are ‘events’ that seem to have no transfer to your specialty.  For example, holding an abdominal plank for time in and of itself marks your core strength, but building this strength can lead to improvements to your golf game since core strength impacts swing proficiency, same with baseball swing, hockey shot, fastball and 10k run.  Trialing FitBESTS also introduces cross-training into your routine–which you likely already do–and so instigates muscle confusion.  In general, muscles adapt to the stresses asked of them with proper training; but, this means we need to progressively challenge their capacity and mix up our routines to prevent our physiology from falling asleep.  A routine that gets ‘too routine’ yields a sluggish, less-than-optimal physical response.             

FitBUBBLES contribute to ultimate fitness by inducing sensory responses not always stimulated by the ‘usual’ workout routine.  Think of this as a form of cross training but different, for example, from doing multiple forms of cardiovascular exercise to build optimum cardio capacity and prevent overuse injuries.  The Iron Footprint approach to fitness suggests regularly adding motor skill practice to routines.  Building proficiencies can lead to more engagement options like playing in a basketball or softball league once the skills are established.  Skill practice also prevents staleness by adding novelty to routines and strengthens basic movement capacity, e.g., agility, twisting, turning, balance, which can foster improved sport play.  The transfer is possible given that all movement generates from one source – our central nervous system.  For most of us, impulses efficiently travel along a network of channels impelling us to catch, run, twist, or otherwise activate.  Talk about latest generation technology!  Since our body is an interconnected system of systems, this means practicing catching and throwing can somehow contribute to winning a running race – albeit as a sort of distant relative and not without primarily running fast as training to run fast.  But skill practice offers sensory stimulation that running alone doesn’t, so as an added feature to your routine it helps grow your physical self in a way it wouldn’t otherwise grow.              

Next, the intangibles.  Regardless of your specialty – your event – your sport, the more developed your physical self through FitBESTS and FitBUBBLES the more confident, self-assured, centered, focused you are when doing any activity, not to mention the more motivated because you just KNOW you have IT!  This can become a competitive edge since it’s often an intangible that determines the outcome when equally gifted athletes compete.  Physical training tends to be similar among those of specific sports – runners run, swimmers swim, tennis players hit strokes, basketball players shoot – so it’s to your advantage to (continue to) train strong AND fortify intangibles.  Hey, if winning is important to you then do all you can to put yourself in a position to win – regularly trial FitBESTS and add FitBUBBLES to your routine. 

How will you know when you have arrived at Type-AA?  Oh, you will so know – and so will your competition when you leave them breathless at your heels or chasing after your long ball or watching the ball/puck hit the back of the net unable to stop it.  You will know! 

For now, why are you still sitting there?