The great philosophical questions we ponder-

  1. What is the meaning of life?
  2. What is the purpose of humankind’s existence on earth?
  3. Why are some people able to stick to their exercise routine but not others???

Iron Footprint Fitness politely excuses itself from chiming in on questions 1 and 2 but submits the following response for question 3:  Resilient motivation.

Resilient motivation?  You know, motivation to engage in physical activity that doesn’t waiver, is consistent one day to the next, and repels negative self-talk or influences to NOT exercise.         

Oh sure!  Wait, what?  

Resiliency is one of those complex concepts we likely have a common interpretation of but use different descriptors to explain.  And, like fitness, its complexity can make it seem intimidating to approach without an advanced degree, not eased by the MULTIPLE pages of essay its exploration is ripe to generate.  However, fear not, for with all due respect to its intricacy there is a user-friendly depiction.   The ingredients of resiliency are HOPE, AUTONOMY and SOCIAL SKILLS, and its outcome is the likelihood to render decisions that foster personal and civic well-being (and resist risky or jeopardizing alternatives) – One will wear a seatbelt, refrain from smoking or chemical abuse, seek friendships with individuals of character, and attempt to contribute to society, etc.        

Ok, I get it, and so circling back to physical activity, we need to account for hope, autonomy and social skills to develop resilient motivation to sustain regular engagement.  Now if I only knew of an approach that could do this… 

Drum roll please, and cue Iron Footprint Fitness for its grand entrance.  Hope and autonomy are inherent to growing one’s Iron Footprint.  Why?  The X-Factor of… success.  Here is how.

Dialed down to its bare essence, hope is believing that good things will happen and so strengthened by…good things happening.  Realizing achievement in physical activity is a good thing and our approach reveals all the ways you CAN achieve and how to display all the ways your DO achieve.  Net/net, engaging to grow your Iron Footprint develops hope for showing how you have been, and instilling anticipation that you will continue to be successful.  Success begets hope – hope begets resilient motivation!   

Autonomy includes possessing a strong sense of self, degree of self-sufficiency and personal independence – meaning able to choose your course (from a ‘good’ selection of options) rather than having your course chosen for you or having limited options from which to choose.  Growing your physical activity self through notching your Iron Footprint helps you develop multiple/different physical activity identities—I am a runner, basketball player, yogi, weight lifter, etc.—self-identification not only for professionals making their livings doing said activities.  The result is an ongoing strengthening of your physical activity autonomy that helps to foster, you guessed it, resilient motivation to (continue to) sustain regular engagement.       

That concludes today’s lecture.  Your homework assignment is to do a FitBASE workout, trial a FitBEST event, or add a new FitBUBBLE to your ‘Footprint, and formulate your response to questions 1 and 2 as you do it…   

Note – ‘Social skills’ will be addressed in a different lecture, and don’t we know there is much to cover!  Until then I can only hope the person before me on the machine wipes it down.