One of my more colorful ‘aunties’ used to tell me that I could love a rich man just as much as a poor man. I guess a (not so) backhanded way to convey there could be more to love than love itself, a sort of ‘added value’ using modern marketing terminology.

She passed years ago but for some reason I thought of her as I was on the elliptical last week, which wandered my cardio-sharp brain into wondering about the ‘added value’ of exercise. I mean, it already comes with pretty amazing deliverables so as a stand-alone sure holds its own. But that didn’t stop me from chewing on it more and somewhere during curls or squats it occurred to me a). well, YEA, of course there is much more to exercise than exercise, b). it can be easy to overlook the more-to-exercise-than-exercise, and c). what we overlook can support our motivation to stick to our routine.

We exercise knowing it uniquely and profoundly protects our health and strengthens our wellness—this is the deliverable—BUT not without keeping an eye out for the radical body transformation we are PROMISED. This means we often overlook that doing it can be fun, exhilarating, self-expressive, satisfying, confidence-building, social, and did I mention fun.

Focusing on the part of exercise we see in the mirror at the expense of its other attributes is risky because you know what comes next — motivation dies a slow and painful death from the disappointment of not realizing the transformation that wasn’t realistic to expect in the first place.

Ok, maybe a bit dramatic but the point is critical to sustaining regular activity. Resilient motivation to STICK to (and grow) your routine is sourced in the gains-you-find-when-you-stop-looking-for-the-gains-you-will-never-find, including recognizing the fun, satisfaction, and self-confidence you experience.

So, Auntie, thanks for helping us realize that no doubt there is added value to exercise. Please see our website or book for more information about how to identify the wide range of added-value attributes and how to display them in your ‘Footprint.

As for me loving a rich man just as much as a poor man, appreciating the message is one thing, execution is another… Oh, would you look at the time. That wraps it up for today…