Full disclosure – if the TV is on at my house it’s usually sports.  Doesn’t really matter which sport, if team or person A is attempting to score more (or less) than team or person B I’m usually hooked.  Last night was a sports-on-TV-bonanza: US Open tennis, the opening of the college football season, MLB games of pennant race teams, Olberman back on ESPN, high school football, D-league basketball, and surfing.  No wonder my index finger knuckle was sore this morning – all that remote clicking to not miss any action!   

It’s a fun time of year for sports fans – as mentioned, football at all levels, the US Open, and the MLB pennant races, in addition, the PGA golf ‘playoffs,’ and the icing  on the cake, the New York and Los Angeles Coed Advertising Softball League championships – talk about drama and excitement.  ESPN would be so lucky as to obtain the rights!        

I realize and respect not everyone has a sports passion, but we all need to share the passion for the wellness that activity uniquely gifts.  My point today is to piggyback on yesterdays post suggesting you use the Fall (as in TODAY) as your physical activity/exercise reset.  With so ‘much sports’ happening at the national and local levels the energy is there! 

To kick-start your reset, sometime over this weekend’s holiday add at least one new FitBUBBLE to your ‘Footprint.  Then, think get serious about how you can collect more.  If you are returning to school yourself, and if possible, enroll in an activity class of something completely new to your radar.  If you are a parent, enroll your kids in their Fall activities then target an organized event for you, e.g., a 5K or 10K run – which could inspire the bug to complete a full or ½ marathon NEXT Fall when many big ones (Chicago, New York) sound their starting horns.  If you are just a you, well, the same applies – enroll in something, sign up for something.             

Of course, use Iron Footprint to help you realize all your new achievement and sustain your motivation.  Don’t hesitate to contact us for more ideas about how to reset your routine or give a shout-out to yourself for your successes!  

Ahh, the innocent hope and promise of the New – hey, my Gophers scored 51 points to beat UNLV so the dream lives on…at least for another week.