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FRIDAY ‘FOOTPRINT FLASH: The US Surgeon General nominee is on our side!

Last week, US Surgeon General nominee Dr. Vivek Murthy pledged to a Senate committee that obesity prevention would be a top priority if confirmed. Even though other Surgeon Generals have attended to obesity, Dr. Murthy’s declaration is landmark as ‘priority’ increases intent, which increases the likelihood of outcomes. While self-management is imperative to making healthful [...]

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I’m Just Saying…

You are getting my venom because the dog doesn’t seem to care.  I’m pouting because in a few days I have to attend an off-site work retreat.  I know, be a big girl…just deal…these can be part and parcel to any job…suck it up…practice perma-smile…  I’M TRYING!, but here’s my beef.  The agenda calls for [...]

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