Alternate title: Red wagons – great exercise machines that don’t ding your credit card each month

Time too crunchy to get to the gym? No babysitting available for you to go for a run? NEED exercise?

No worries, the red wagon in your garage—yes, that red wagon—solves your problem, especially if you also have kids to ride in it.

I’m not sure an exercise machine exists that can match the cardio and muscular demand of pulling kids in a wagon, not to mention the intensity that is added by pulling through wood chips or sand on the playground. It’s full on target heart rate zone heavy breathing and singing legs/core/upper body muscles, all the while your little darling is happy as can be taking in the sights or playing with the sticker book brought along for the ride.

From our mission to encourage anytime/anywhere/anyhow exercise, ANY physical activity that (safely) elevates your heart rate and overloads your muscles enhances your fitness. Sorry to say to your bank account that absorbs a monthly gym charge, but your heart and other muscles don’t care the venue, to them red wagon fitness is the same as group fitness boot camp or Zumba.

So be it. But if red wagon-as-weight machine is the best exercise plan for you, OWN it like any other. If you pulled two kids last week this week go for three – and conquer the [email protected]#$% hill. Oh, and expect that this is just the start of substituting garage items for weight machines. It’s only a matter of time before you are pushing the car backwards and forwards on the driveway…