It’s a well worn pattern. Gyms across the globe have spruced up to welcome the resolutioners who came calling after the first of the new year. Membership sales desks buzz, literally, from the credit card transaction machine energy, matched by the excitement of the new members bustling to use the equipment and try the classes.

But the buzzing is short lived. Sometime early February it crashes. Like the triple chocolate cake a la mode that sends you into high gear one minute, then renders you comatose the next, new members are full-on for about 5 weeks then vanish…the only trace being the monthly credit card ding…that will get renewed for next year’s resolution!

Why the pattern? And, what is the significance of the crash occurring in early February?

The excitement of the new feeds motivation because it’s also backed up by the (erroneous) guarantee of ‘easy and fast radical body transformation.’ Radical body transformation is erroneous, as is the notion that change is easy and will occur quickly. Motivation begins to erode when the reflection in the mirror remains the same after a couple of weeks.

Industry data confirms the early February drop-dead date. It’s the day after the New Year that gym attendance volume takes a significant dip, signaling the crash to the buzz.

Why early February? If you think about it, it’s easy to figure out. The erroneous notion of ‘easy and fast radical body transformation’ tends to be accompanied by equally erroneous gym advertising claims such as ‘6-weeks to a new body’. Six weeks past the New Year is mid-February.

Net/net, exercise resolutioners anticipate their full-on transformation to occur as promised. When mid-February rolls around and the result is less than full-on the already eroded motivation to keep going hits its breaking point. One missed day becomes two becomes a strong of several until resigning to the re-start that will occur next New Year.

The good news is it doesn’t have to be like this, and with an adjustment to your approach you will never have to think about a re-start because your routine will be grooved and sustained.

The keep going part? Past success is the strongest source of engagement motivation. Success begets success as we are motivated to keep doing that which we have realized success.

But if we base success upon unrealistic expectations for body transformation our motivation will starve. Sadder yet, ‘we miss the gains we make when we look for the gains we are never going to find.’

The solution is an approach to physical activity that reveals all the ways you CAN achieve and how to display all the ways your DO achieve. Iron Footprint Fitness delivers an innovative solution to low/inconsistent motivation by transforming the notion of achievement and showing you how to identify all the gains you make. As your ‘Iron Footprint’ grows, so does your motivation to keep going.

No more start/stop/re-start. No more being disappointed by the results you don’t realize even if they are unrealistic to begin with. It’s start/keep going, with momentum like running down a hill. Spread the word. Gyms are going to be busy…past February…