Don’t worry, you don’t need to change into a gown.

A quick resolution check – a month into the New Year how is your exercise routine? Grooved? Stalled? Grounded? What’s going well, what is a challenge?

If you are grooved, feed the momentum by tracking achievement across your Iron Footprint and especially, regularly adding new FitBEST trials into your routine. Mix ‘traditional’ events (1-mile run) with novel ones (how long it takes to reach 1000 strides on the Eliptical) to gain the most benefit from this aspect of your ‘Footprint achievement profile. Remember, doing FitBEST trials pulls on your adrenaline differently than when you do your daily workout. This prevents your energy from lulling to sleep as can happen when your routine becomes too routine. ‘Routine’ needs to mean engrained as a daily occurrence, not the same over and over.

Stalled or grounded? Take a deep breath and think about the cause. It’s usually no mystery or hard to figure out so insight is likely by the time you exhale. If the barrier is logistical, is there a realistic solution? Or, do you need to think about adopting a new exercise mode? E.g., joining a gym if home-exercise isn’t working, or vice-versa. If the barrier is motivation, two reminders. One, ANY activity is always better than no activity so chunking 10 minutes IS health-beneficial. (Re) Start knowing any and all you do adds to your ‘Footprint, and oh yeah, enhances your wellness. Two, take the time to track your achievement across all of the ‘Footprint dimensions. Allow yourself to ‘see’ ALL your activity your success. Getting past radical body transformation as the end all/ be all success measure can be a challenge, but can be done!

This concludes the check-up. I told you, no gown…