Today’s trivia question –

What do Kool and the Gang, Lionel Richie, Prince, 50 Cent, Miley Cyrus and Iron Footprint Fitness have in common?

A belief in the importance of celebrating!

Ok, so Iron Foortprint’s messaging is painfully stale compared to how the artists spin it, but the sentiment is the same whether styled as 80s pop, 90s soul-alternative, 00s rap, 10s bubble-gum, OR a closure loop to an approach to fitness that fosters resilient motivation – celebrating accomplishments and milestones is important, including recognizing the routine of the everyday, pun intended.

Yet, we don’t think to celebrate our activity successes, less those that recognize our ‘everyday routine’, dismissing or discounting personal milestones or benchmarks as trivial or insignificant… which means a missed opportunity to reinforce the engagement resiliency we have developed via the success we have realized.

And that is what I mean by the loop closure thing. We engage-we realize FitBASE, FitBEST or FitBUBBLE achievement – we are motivated to engage again since success begets success…then cement your motivation by taking success a step further: celebrate it!

Call me greedy for wanting more out of success than the success itself, but there is cause for the gluttony.

First, celebrating success offers symbolic closure to an otherwise never ending process. Let’s face it, preserving our health means a daily (or nearly daily) commitment to exercise. Taken at face value this can be so overwhelming it prevents some from starting—I can’t seem to do one day how can I do every day the rest of my life—and prompts others to snowball one missed day into a string of missed days – I missed today I may as well not go tomorrow or the next day…

Which brings us to the next point. In non-exercise life we celebrate pretty much anything. We don’t seem to need a reason to party other than wanting to have a party, and last I checked there isn’t a celebration boss who goes around judging then squashing celebrations deemed insignificant. Perhaps growing up you thought that of your parents when they ‘requested’ that your friends leave but I digress…

With all due respect, compared to celebrating the only time some unfamiliar planet orbits another unfamiliar planet on a Tuesday, it DOES matter that you have strung together more consecutive workout days than ever or held a plank longer than ever or completed more jump-rope revolutions in 5 minutes than ever.
Finally, your celebration can inspire others. We poach motivation seeing others participate – AND celebrate. The symbolism is direct – it offers hope that we too can accomplish what another has accomplished.

So, line the walls of you house with plastic, invite the neighbors over, put on goggles and spray bottles of your carbonated beverage-of-choice at each other to celebrate your ‘Footprint achievements. But not so late that you can’t get up the next morning to run or go to the gym. After all, the celebration has just begun….