Tooling along the bike path on my usual Sunday am ride – seeing all the usual sites – passing the usual slower riders and getting passed by all the usual faster riders – stopping to reapply sunscreen after the sun came up at its usual time – all was usual, usual, usual, UNTIL reaching a point where the bike path was blocked off by a police officer who with no usualness to his tone said while pointing ‘you will have to detour ma’am and use THAT road’

What?! No way I have to use THAT road! Furious, lots of bad words, but I kept going because I hadn’t yet done my usual mileage. So sputtering and fuming I rode head down until my neck became too sore from my sputtering posture. I started to look around and realized wow, it was a very pretty tree-lined road with very pretty houses. Who knew! One block after another of prettiness, and I swear the wind changed direction to be at my back.

I eventually had to turn around and pick my way to my usual road. What a letdown when I settled back into the usual!! So I decided, THAT road is going to be my new usual route!

Hmm, maybe attempting the unusual ought to be more usual…