Does it ever feel like someone is punking your exercise motivation?

Some days nothing stops us, other days it’s anything – to the point we look around for the cameras capturing our frustration for posting. Sure, things come up that waylay even the most intended plans to get to the gym or out for a run. But, unexpected is different from unpredictable. Unexpected can be accepted be it a sick child, or last minute request from work. Accepted doesn’t mean thrilled, especially for anything work related, but we do what we have to do.

Unpredictable is frustrating and annoying, mostly because it makes us feel powerless and resentful. A report that is due, we get. We don’t get how or why some cyber alien creep takes control of our motivation, some days turning it on other days turning it off.

The good news is you can use Iron Footprint Fitness to push back and control your motivation on your terms.

The strongest source of engagement motivation is past success – we like to keep doing that in which we have realized success. Unfortunately, we tend to learn only a very narrow (unrealistic) way to define physical activity/exercise success (radical body transformation), and when we (not surprisingly) don’t realize the outcome (unrealistic as it is) feel as though we have failed. It’s here the evil force of unpredictability takes over our motivation and we become mere spectators to its whims.

Ah, enough already. Iron Footprint Fitness reveals the multitude of ways you CAN achieve and how to display the ways you DO achieve as your ‘Iron Footprint’, your ever-growing portfolio of physical activity success. By approaching fitness as Iron Footprint, you can plan achievement-purposeful engagement, display it as it occurs, and then reap what you sow by realizing predictable motivation to keep engaging.

If I were a bigger person I would leave it at that, but unpredictability can be so nasty it deserves to be punked back. Adopt Janet Jackson’s ‘Control’ as your theme song, and have your group fitness or spin class instructor mix it into the playlist as the same. I guess that’s more a ‘na-na-na-na-na-na’ than a punk but you get the point.