Subway restaurants, owned by Doctors Associate’s, Inc. doesn’t need my endorsement but they deserve a loud shout-out for continuing to improve their menu’s healthfulness, and, oh yeah, recently committing $41 million in advertising to encourage kids to eat fruits and vegetables.

First, advertising works! Duh. But toward unhealthy as well as healthy choices. Campaigning for high fat/sodium/sugar items doesn’t require much effort. Encouraging kids to eat healthy can mean an all-hands-on-deck approach to the creative—especially since it needs to outperform the campaigns encouraging less healthy choices. Thanks, Subway, for taking on this challenge.

Second, as the largest submarine sandwich restaurant chain with over 40,000 locations worldwide chances are there is a Subway restaurant near or relatively close to you. This means the advertising (that works) can steer healthful choices that are readily available.

Shout-out to Subway and thanks for continuing to fight the good fight!