Momentum – a hard concept to throw a net around, yet understandable at the same time. A sudden spark, and you are a step faster, a shade brighter, a notch more focused. Energy comes from a different dimension—moving is effortless—time stands still yet passes quickly. Most important, you just KNOW the shot is going to go in, you are going to make the catch, or your workout is going to be awesome…

Yea, it’s great until it isn’t, until the gremlins invade and turn that step faster into sluggishness and steely focus into haze. Where is the ‘mo then, huh!

Being human means we come with a multi-pack of emotions and some modulation along the ‘mo spectrum is…only human. But when it comes to activity engagement it doesn’t have to mean the wild swings of polarity we sometimes experience because using Iron Footprint we access THE very thing it feeds on – achievement.

Kind of like a movement-sensor light that is never really off, tracking your achievement streams a steady pulse of energy to your ‘mo source. That means as well as knowing how to switch it on, you can also be assured it’s never turned off. Happy tracking