50 is the new 40, brown is the new black, and SOME physical activity each day is the new all-or-nothing way to consider exercise.

Good news! Compelling evidence reveals that even short bouts of (vigorous) movement are healthful.

Think about what this means. Exercise ISN’T as snobby as we might think it is—I need to run a marathon for running to mean something, I need to be elite-skilled to play a sport, I need to hold block-free yoga poses to get benefit—it’s NOT the ‘mean girl’ or bully, or exclusive club that only those who are tapped get to join. Rather, it’s welcoming, come-as-you-are, and user-friendly, which means we get to let go of the ‘I only have 10 minutes so it’s not worth doing it’ mentality.

Or, let me put that differently. No more NOT doing activity because you only have 10, not 60 minutes to spend. 10 minutes is 10 whole minutes to do something darn good for yourself!

–No more limited time frets, regrets or dwelling – no disparaging your X minutes
— Maximize the time you DO have, and add all the dos to your Iron Footprint
–Avoid comparing the X minutes you CAN do to the XXX minutes of someone else
–Sustaining motivation IS possible regardless of the time you have – you will be able to ‘see’ your Iron Footprint achievement just as someone who has more time

So na na na na bo bo! I’m stopping here so I can take my healthful 10-minute (vigorous) walk.

Note – while 10 minutes of vigorous aerobic activity can yield healthfulness, additional engagement yields greater benefit. Get in your 10 minutes…then another 10…then another10…