Healthy blood pressure, muscle mass, weight control, brain power, self-confidence, reduced stress – yeah yeah yeah, we know – these are the give-me’s of sustained exercise, not to be taken lightly of course.    

Read a book, have coffee with a friend, go shoe shopping or to a game, concert, or movie, play video games, scrapbook – these are different ways to spend time, the get-to-do kind not the have-to-do kind so they are looked forward to and their timeslot is protected! 

Regardless of the specifics, get-to’s are ways to interact with friends, be creative, laugh, and blow off steam.  They are also the opportunity to be who we want to be, talk louder than we can at work, and escape from day-to-day stressors.  There is a certain inner child innocence and lightness to our ‘do’ –we like who we are –and it seems effortless and carefree.  

Back to exercise or doing physical activity.  What if rather than focusing on the give-me’s we think of doing it as just a good way to spend time?   

Hmm, that puts a different spin on hitting a poor golf shot!  But if like me you happen to, say, slice your tee shot onto the porch of a house that lines the fairway I’m not so sure ‘innocent’ or ‘light’ is an entirely realistic reaction.            

Ok, so maybe it can’t be all-or-nothing, but there is something to thinking about activity as ‘just a good way to spend time’ without the pretense of benefit, because it CAN be just a good way to spend time –

except, I don’t think we can do anything as ‘just a good way to spend time’ anymore without considering the benefit. 

While doing the ‘do’ may be carefree, the decision about what exactly we are going to ‘do’ is anything but because we savor our ‘get to’ time due to being over-extended with have to’s.  This means we scrutinize just what the ‘get to do’ is, and like Darwin’s Evolution theory – only the strongest survive.  A primary selection criteria? – What the take away is and what we can show from it, including the consideration for social media posting.  Hey, it is what it is! 

While we may feel innocence when doing it, our do’s have lost their innocence.   It’s not your daddy’s   ‘just a good way to spend time’ anymore.  The stakes are higher because our time is tighter and there is the added element of social reporting.  Do we do something because we want to or because we think it will make for a good post?  After all, someone has to follow the cat around to capture its most entertaining quirk.

Not to say this is good or bad, rather it just is, and to make the point in circling back to exercise – exercise fits today’s ‘just a good way to spend time’ mentality perfectly.  It is an escape…of our own volition…in our control…a way to share an experience with or connect to someone…so beneficial to our quality of life, and so post-able!    

A bike ride, walk, skate around the block, trip to the batting cage, game of pick-up basketball – just REALLY GOOD ways to spend time so don’t forget your camera!