Ahh, contemporary life! Blurred lines separating virtual and reality – Our day-to-day existence ever more occurring in a cyberland cloud – technology creeping ever closer to bridging virtual and real. What’s real? What’s virtual? Why does it matter – Isn’t virtual as real as real?

With a credit card, reliable router, high-speed connection, and deliverable address we really don’t need to leave the house to exist. From the comfort of our couch wearing our favorite fuzzy slippers and without moving, literally, we can make an e-living, e-deposit our earnings into our e-bank account, order groceries and have them delivered, communicate with friends, take in unlimited entertainment, and take care of nature calls – ewe!

Compared to previous generations, we are information-rich but experience-poor. Chew on that for a minute. Information-rich, as in the constant stream we can be inundated with from various platforms providing finger-tip access to facts, figures, gossip, and their updates. Experience-poor, as in we can lack tactile stimulation – other than what’s required to access more information. Some of us don’t know what it is to stand in line at the bank or have forgotten what it feels like to read a printed newspaper.

We may know a lot about many different things…except, there isn’t a greater disconnect to the wellness that physical activity uniquely gifts than cyberlife:
The very essence of movement is tactile – the very essence of cyberlife is sense-less
The very essence of wellness is movement – the very essence of cyberlife is inert screen time
The very essence of movement is experience – the very essence of cyberlife is information

The virtual can never replace the tactile as the information gleaned from playing video tennis can never equate to the experience of playing real tennis. True, standing in line at the bank may be overrated, and shifting the leg you have your weight on really doesn’t qualify as quality physical activity, but transcend contemporary life by balancing information with experience – make sure you get physical activity for your screen time. I never thought it would come to this, but as a strategy – read your texts while on the bench in-between innings of your softball game.