Here’s a question – why in the name of serving the public good would politicians bandwagon opposition to a SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN SUCCESSFUL initiative that aids the well-being of kids?

Regardless of the side of the aisle in which you align, the well-being of our kids SEEMS to be a fundamental decision making metric since ‘making the world a better place for our kids’ is consistently messaged.

Really?! I guess for some this is just baseless rhetoric since as push has come to shove, a push that WORKS was shoved, rather shelved for reasons that scream ‘that’s politics.’

If you are not up to speed, certain politicians have recently pushed back against the initiative to improve school lunch nutrition as intervention to childhood obesity citing allegiance with school personnel who say they are losing money because the kids don’t like the ‘good’ food, thus don’t take it. And this on the heels of recent data showing that the condition has improved in hard hit New York, Los Angeles, and Philadelphia due to umbrella intervention that intentionally improved school-based nutrition.

Perception being reality, the push back is shameful for bundling the kids as scapegoats with twisted empathy. ‘Our bad for subjecting you to those icky vegetables—What were we thinking?—here is all that saturated fat and sodium back.’ Of course, the push back explanation is thinly veiled to begin with since food industry lobbyists are no doubt tightening the vice to protect established subsidies, etc., but I digress.

The real damage comes from the message that underlies caving to the kids’ claims of ‘it’s yucky.’ For the vast majority of us, the first encounter with say okra or eggplant was a challenge, but over time we developed a welcoming palate. The message here is ‘They won’t ever develop the capacity to make healthy nutrition choices so we may as well stop trying now.’

Doesn’t that just ooze with hope for this generation’s kids?! Not to mention, the schools exemplified in the push back rationale are mainly urban, mainly minority — the same demographic already disparately affected by obesity.

Airing overdramatic video of kids ceremoniously dumping their uneaten ‘good’ but ‘icky’ food into school cafeteria trash bins is both exaggerated and deceitful (btw, to make these clips seem more authentic, next time have the kids rehearse less). Compelling evidence shows that given the chance, kids WILL make and sustain lifestyle changes that include eating healthy food, which in the scheme of things, exemplifies an underlying pillar of the political party that yanked support for the initiative. Self-management, meaning less government oversight on our lifestyle, is among the main tenets of this party’s platform.

Like onions that have many smelly layers, this push back gets smellier the deeper the dig. Circling back to serving the greater good, so much for the world you have just degraded for literally millions of kids. Using their vernacular, giving up on them really sucks!