‘Fast easy results’… ‘Easy fast results’… ‘Body transformation-NOW’… ‘New you in 6-weeks’…

Well, yeah! Where do I sign up? Here, take my credit card now!

More statement than question, enter ‘easy fitness’ or ‘fast fitness’ into a search engine and see how many hits you get.

Not to say the campaigns/promotions are predatory, and point taken we are all adults and need to employ buyer beware to separate fact from fiction, buuut make no mistake they can strategically hit powerful emotional triggers because there isn’t much more near and dear to us than our looks – oh, and our wellness.

But something needs to give because from the enticing tone and tenure of the claims we form expectations about the process (fast and easy) or results (transformation!) that can become stepping stones to an adversarial relationship. Maybe adversarial is too strong a descriptor but the process is neither fast nor easy, nor are the transformed! results deliverable, at least for how we imagine them, so at the least the expectations set us on the edge of the (motivational) cliff. With such nice people working the front desk always quick with a welcoming smile we WANT to love it, but we are never going to win the ‘easy’, ‘fast’, or ‘transformation’ game so therein lies the push/pull.

Yikes! enough us against them. I’m all for win/win, so here’s what I propose –

WE populate classes, ‘like’ them on facebook, ‘follow’ them on Twitter, purchase branded clothing, AND re-up our memberships and buy personal training packages.

THEY campaign messages/promotions that err on the side of stark reality – and use photos of we regular folk – with all our jiggles and lumps and mismatched socks.


There is no shame in reality. Volvo cars are boxy but safe. Exercise is messy but beneficial. Hmm, I wonder if I can find a downloadable image to depict that message…