Alternate title – Wow! THAT’S exercise?

Which of the following physical activities can be considered ‘exercise’?

  1. Step aerobics class
  2. Speed golf
  3. In-line skating
  4. Spin class
  5. Basketball
  6. Helping with juice time at preschool


  1. A, B, C, D, E
  2. All of the above

The answer…‘2’, All-of-the-Above. 

Wait no one got it correct!  Speed golf throw you off?  No, juice time      

Ahh, preschool juice time.  Well think about it – using biceps/deltoids/scapula to carry the cases of juice from the refrig to the table – using quads to safely lower the cases onto the low table – using pecs/deltoids/lats/ to lift kids into their seats, repeatedly – using quads/hammies to get up and down from the low, tiny chairs – using core to keep balanced while sitting in the low, tiny chairs – using pecs/deltoids/lats to wipe juice spilled on the table, repeatedly– using quads/hammies/calves to squat to wipe juice spilled on the floor, repeatedly… 

Please, Step Aerobics class is much less strenuous!    

The point, it’s not just the class-that-we-do-at-the-gym-for-which-we-wear-special-clothes that is ‘exercise’.  ANY physical activity for which we (repetitively/continuously over time/vigorously) exert more physical effort than normal can be ‘exercise.’  Our muscles don’t know the difference between jumping around on the gym’s gorgeous hard-wood floor or jumping around on the playground chasing kids, or lifting heavy pieces of iron at the gym or carrying cases of water from the grocery store to your car.      

And here is the big finish, hot out-of-the-lab research from the University of Utah reveals that even ONE minute of (vigorous) physical activity has health benefit! 

Since I’m not sure how to top that I’ll stop here.  Go out and collect as many minutes as you can and use Iron Footprint to see how they add up.  Your motivation will thank you.