This week’s ‘Footprint Flash’ goes to CVS for their decision to discontinue selling tobacco products. While the rate of smoking has declined the past decade, over 18 million USA adults continue to smoke—a habit that causes nearly 500,000 preventable deaths a year.

At face value the decision proves that business really CAN have a conscious and the well-being of the buying public CAN be put ahead of (millions of dollars of) profit. It shows business leaders can take a stand against supporting a product even while risking the alienation of an entire faction of its customer base. It also paves the way for other retailers to scrutinize their shelves for other wellness-robbing products—It’s nice to think that a kinship could develop among retailers focused on concerted efforts to reduce selling products that sap life quality.

Perhaps there was more to the decision than meets the eye, but I’m leaving it at face value.