The only thing that should be routine about your routine is exercising every day. Chew on that for a moment… Past that, how you go about conditioning your muscles (heart included) and joints, and developing your physical activity self (deepening your Iron Footprint) is your story to write. Just make sure ‘different’ is a main theme.

Most of us don’t eat or wear the same thing every day (past circumstances); the same goes for activity for many of the same reasons – variety, self-expression, mood, balance, weather, occasion, etc.

For exercise, different is as different does, literally. The good news is the health-related fitness components are not picky about details so long as they get theirs, that is, engage in the activity they need to strengthen.

With endless ways to move to exert your heart or overload your muscles, different is easy to accomplish but it needs to be planned to avoid the tendency to groove a routine that digs a rut. Here are suggestions on how to be different.

Weight training – include different:
• Angles – incline, decline, neutral
• Types of weight/resistance – free weights, weight machines, kettle bells, stretch bands, body weight
• Types of lifts – Olympic lifts – learn the correct techniques from a qualified fitness professional

Cardio – include different:
• Machines – treadmill, elliptical, rowing, cycle, stepmill
• Locomotions – running, walking, swimming, rowing, hopping, jumping, skipping, galloping, dancing
• Locations – gym, home, organized races/events, environment – ocean, mountain, field, court, pitch, rink,

Joint range of motion – include:
• Static and dynamic stretching
• Pilates
• Yoga

Be different today. Be more different tomorrow. Just smile when your friends finally notice how different you really are…