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HEALTHY SCHOOL LUNCH SUPPORT YANKED Here’s a question – why in the name of serving the public good would politicians bandwagon opposition to a SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN SUCCESSFUL initiative that aids the well-being of kids? Regardless of the side of the aisle in which you align, the well-being of our kids SEEMS to be a fundamental [...]

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Recent research suggests a post-exercise cool down has scant effect on preventing muscle soreness. The take away message -- don’t bother cooling down -- is outrageous if not sacrilegious to many of us, after all, common sense correctly tells us to not end exercise abruptly. But of the take away to this emerging science, lets [...]

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FRIDAY FOOTPRINT FLASH – It’s the simple things

Headline: Obesity rates are lower for cities in which more residents walk or bike to work than cities whose residents use less active transport. While this is no surprise to anyone hip to obesity’s relationship with exercise (but the more correlation-strengthening data the merrier), it reinforces the notion that physical activity-preventing obesity doesn’t have to [...]

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Momentum – a hard concept to throw a net around, yet understandable at the same time. A sudden spark, and you are a step faster, a shade brighter, a notch more focused. Energy comes from a different dimension—moving is effortless—time stands still yet passes quickly. Most important, you just KNOW the shot is going to [...]

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