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Any activity is better than no activity BUT the more it is achievement-purposeful, the stronger your motivation to keep doing it. Purposeful exercise provides a backbone for our effort by targeting intentional fitness or motor skill improvement. The opposite is ‘just’ exercise, risky since ‘today I’m just going to do some cardio’ or ‘today I’m [...]

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Asked the new gym member to his trainer about being on the treadmill before their session began. Yes! Knowing that some is good and more is better, this physical activity thing is pretty failsafe. Safety considered, the only mistake in doing it is not doing it - the more of this (and that!) the better.

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FRIDAY FOOTPRINT FLASH – Sad to see the Olympics end

FRIDAY FOOTPRINT FLASH - Sad to see the Olympics end Despite critics who roil that the commercialized branding of the Olympics tarnishes the ideals of amateur competition, each games provides the wow of the extraordinary, the human-bests in feats of skill, strength, power, and grace, and a reminder that it’s the athletes themselves who won’t [...]

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Chunking activity minutes - even 10 minutes at a time - prevents disease, enhances life quality and helps sustain balanced energy (weight management). So chunk away! But accumulate as many chunks as possible for optimal benefit and to develop resilient motivation. It’s no more complicated than the more activity you do the greater the benefit, [...]

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FRIDAY ‘FOOTPRINT FLASH: The US Surgeon General nominee is on our side!

Last week, US Surgeon General nominee Dr. Vivek Murthy pledged to a Senate committee that obesity prevention would be a top priority if confirmed. Even though other Surgeon Generals have attended to obesity, Dr. Murthy’s declaration is landmark as ‘priority’ increases intent, which increases the likelihood of outcomes. While self-management is imperative to making healthful [...]

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This week’s ‘Footprint Flash’ goes to CVS for their decision to discontinue selling tobacco products. While the rate of smoking has declined the past decade, over 18 million USA adults continue to smoke—a habit that causes nearly 500,000 preventable deaths a year. At face value the decision proves that business really CAN have a conscious [...]

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Make any money on over/unders? Enjoy the commercials? Get enough fun game food? Good time with friends? Like the half-time show? Oh, and did your team win? 110 million of us watched yesterday’s Super Bowl. Its cliché to mention the contrast, but last week’s State of the Union address pulled a mere 33.3 million. And [...]

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Don’t worry, you don’t need to change into a gown. A quick resolution check – a month into the New Year how is your exercise routine? Grooved? Stalled? Grounded? What’s going well, what is a challenge? If you are grooved, feed the momentum by tracking achievement across your Iron Footprint and especially, regularly adding new [...]

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