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Reset your Exercise-Reset – Make September 15 the NEW January 1

September 15?  Seems so random.  What, is September 14 and 16 already taken? Haha, smart alek.  Think about it.  Childhood conditions us to launch major life resets sometime early September with the start of a new school year.  For upwards of 16+ years (including college) our body clocks become accustomed to ‘new beginnings’ occurring in the [...]

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Today’s FitBRIEF: 10 Minutes From now you Could be…

StrongerMore flexibleCalmerRelaxedSatisfiedHealthierHappierProud of yourselfOr, still in line to order coffee.The point – Just 10 measly little minutes of vigorous physical activity can uniquely and profoundly yield physical, emotional and cognitive vigor and health protection!    The promise – The deliverables are consistent and reliable!The prompt – Be greedy!  If you are not able to get to the [...]

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Get to the Gym…But don’t Make the Other 23 Hours Feel Left Out!

Think ‘pause’ button not start/stop button and Sir Isaac Newton…Remember physical activity as a kid? - 1. Open door.  2. Go outside.  3. Play.  Afterward you provided details about what you did to whoever would listen, especially if any part of it ended with a Band-Aid (total precursor to the ‘Footprint notching thing).   Then there was [...]

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Own Your ‘IT-ness’: Cause the Physical Activity of Girls/Young Women

We have said it before but it bears repeating…and repeating and repeating. YOU carry the power to influence the physical activity engagement of girls and young women; both as an obvious influencer - mom, grandmother, aunt, sister, teacher, etc. – AND as one less obvious – the jogger girls see every morning while they are [...]

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A Cautionary Tale – Is your Fitness Facility Sapping your Exercise Motivation?

Overheard at a full-service fitness facility:“I knew I needed to make reservations for dinner but for zumba?, I mean how many people come here to do zumba?”“I joined to get exercise but with the full-service salon and food bar I never have time for spin class” “When did they put in all this equipment?  What’s it [...]

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Solving the NO TIME or ‘no time’ Exercise Predicament

note - hello readers!! thanks for your follow - appreciated!! thought you might find this useful - either for you or someone you know. Iron Cougars ARE the ORBITS around which multiple generations of family members circle - you HAVE influence... Here is what I-know-that-you-know: you need to exercise…you don’t have time to exercise…this causes [...]

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Back-to-School Reset Part 3: Un-STROLLERSTOCK your Gym Bag to Make it Easier to get to the Gym

Hello! – the final installment of the three-part back-to-school series of tips to help you manage the ‘new’ of the school year without disruption to your exercise routine.  please email us at [email protected] for reprints of parts 1 or 2.  Thanks and happy reading… Yep, that new backpack smell is in the air, which means the [...]

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