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‘Certain Age’ got your Metabolism? Push back with FitBURN*

* Metabolism is a complex process that can be complicated by any number of mitigating factors.  FitBURN notes the complexity.  While the suggestions are drawn from evidence-based science, please consult with your health care professional to answer any questions and to make sure you are healthy enough for vigorous physical activity.Dastardly ‘Certain Age’!  Sneaky and [...]

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Get Back on the Horse

So, you fell off the fitness wagon.  One day missed turned into two, turned into a week.  Crazy at work, kids/grandkids sick, car trouble, root canal…  You name it, it all seemed to happen. What now?  Do you need to run laps or do push-ups to get back in activity’s good graces or pay penance?    Fear not.  [...]

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Type-A Activity Rat? – Ok, It’s a Solid Start…

Activity profile:  prioritizes engagement, self-identifies as an athlete, hard workouts are followed by harder workouts, only RARELY experiences a “I don’t wanna do this set,” much less day, follows a sport-specific training plan, plays organized sports during the week and tournaments on weekends, participates in all types of endurance events, takes only activity-focused vacations, competes [...]

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Is My Life Really Incomplete if I Don’t Ever (insert activity here)?

Alternate title – Avoiding the doing requires much more energy than the doingEver been on the treadmill at the gym and had that ‘I probably ought to check that out someday’ feeling while watching the crowd assemble for the group fitness class, but then talked yourself out of it or poo-pooed the idea? Maybe it seems [...]

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The Staging of Physical Activity

Alternate title – Plush cotton towels are nice…paper towels can accomplish the same thing A Broadway production compared to the local elementary school’s annual play-Woodstock (the original!) compared to the community band’s recital at the community band shell-The Super Bowl compared to the Saturday morning coed flag football league championship game-Olympic Games 100-yd dash finals compared [...]

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Too Much of a Good Thing?

Alternate title - When is the other shoe going to fall?Your physical activity world has never been better.  You have strung together more consecutive days of FitBASE workouts than ever.  You are regularly trialing FitBESTS and seeing real benchmark improvements and you are having fun trying new activities to add as FitBUBBLES.  And, oh yeah, [...]

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Activity in 3-D, HD, Blue-Ray

Digging to China in the sand box as a kid was really slow until we figured out a snow shovel moved a lot more sand than a kiddie plastic beach shovel.  Big difference!  Then when we borrowed the neighbor’s to add to the arsenal, wow! we became digging machines.  Using the kiddie shovel was fun, [...]

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