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TAKE, don’t do exercise

Alternate title: Control – Not just a 90s hit by Miss Jackson Get it all out of your system.  “Take it and … it.”…  “You know what you can do with your exercise!”Ok.  Now we can move on.From the vernacular of yesteryear, one ‘took exercise.’  It was playing tennis in a gender appropriate vested suit or [...]

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Pivots, Plate Spinners, Street-Cred. And Glue Guns?

Repeat after me everyone, “I am an Iron Cougar so I have ‘street-cred’.”  (Pause for the repeat.)    One pillar of Iron Cougar Fitness is harnessing the power of 50+ women to inspire physical activity engagement.  Why?  Because you uniquely have the street-cred (short for street credibility) to influence values and behavior.          Wow!  Who knew we [...]

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55 Million reasons to Start Kids Notching their ‘KidPRINT’ Iron Footprints – Today!

Alternate title: Yikes! - this is going to be a long postIt’s never too early to get kids started on notching their Iron Footprint, in fact for over 55 million reasons the earlier the better.      Over 55 million?  The number of school-aged kids in the US.  We have work to do folks First, the facts – [...]

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Today’s Seminar Topic: Resiliency 101

Alternate title – MOTIVATION’S X-FACTOR: SUCCESS The great philosophical questions we ponder-What is the meaning of life?What is the purpose of humankind’s existence on earth?Why are some people able to stick to their exercise routine but not others???Iron Footprint Fitness politely excuses itself from chiming in on questions 1 and 2 but submits the following response [...]

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Own your ‘IT’-ness – CAUSE the physical activity of girls/young women!

OWN YOUR ‘IT-NESS’ – CAUSE the physical activity of girls/young women! We have said it before but it bears repeating…and repeating and repeating. YOU carry the power to influence the physical activity engagement of girls and young women; both as an obvious influencer - mom, grandmother, aunt, sister, teacher, etc. – AND as one less [...]

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Women and the Fitness Glass Ceiling

Headline – Women Underachieve at the Gym.What? Whoa! What? - Women Underachieve at the GymOuch! Being a woman who dutifully goes to the gym that hurts. How dare you! But, what of it? First, don’t take this the wrong way.  Watch men at the gym compared to women. Men tend to aggressively lift weights to push their [...]

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Ahh, Dodgeball.  The playground staple that some could not get enough of while others dreaded every (literally) painful minute.  It is perhaps the best example of physical activity as classic public theater, what with its man versus man theme and the clearly defined roles – protagonists, victims, martyrs – and of course The Ball and [...]

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