Sports shows this time of year feature compilations of the years’ highlights and milestones, edited for their ultimate viewing pleasure. If you are a fan it’s always captivating to relive the amazing physical feats, come-back wins, and poignant moments, and wonder what twists and turns are in store for next year.

But with due reverence to Lebron, Serena, the Red Sox, Diana Nyad, and the missed field goal Auburn returned for a touchdown, what were YOUR activity highlights for 2013?

What were your fasters? Farthers? Strongers? Most ofs? What new did you add to your Iron Footprint? How is your Iron footprint different this year than last?

Give yourself the perfect holiday gift – take a moment to compile YOUR activity highlights for 2013. Even without ESPN’s research and editing support, your highlights are just as powerful considering their meaning.

And the best news, when the clock strikes midnight on December 31 your Iron Footprint DOESN’T reset. For as long as forever you get to build upon what’s already there.

In approaching fitness as Iron Footprint it’s always onward/forward, never re-start or reset. It’s one highlight just waiting for the next…