It’s official: the world is fat, fatness is now a greater health challenge than hunger, and playing the lead role is none other than the US. Statistically, we are the fattest nation of our fat world. Great. Not a world ranking we want.

Step one to addressing a problem is admitting it exists. While I can’t speak for all 300,000,000+ of us, it works in our favor that the problem isn’t lost on many. So, step two is taking steps to correct it…pun intended.

In the scheme of wellness-degrading conditions, obesity/overweight is a very correctable problem. If each of us took a 10-minute walk right now, in 10 minutes we would be on our way to changing our health-related fate, and world ranking.

Yep, that’s how correctable this fatness thing is. Who’s in? 10 minutes of walking a day if you are just getting started, and then 10,000 steps every day once you have built your stamina.

Remember, with just ONE 10-minute bout we change our wellness trajectory – c’mon, and change yours right now!