Alternate title – When is the other shoe going to fall?

Your physical activity world has never been better.  You have strung together more consecutive days of FitBASE workouts than ever.  You are regularly trialing FitBESTS and seeing real benchmark improvements and you are having fun trying new activities to add as FitBUBBLES.  And, oh yeah, you just signed up to run in a running race and play in a basketball league.     

What’s not to like?  It’s model engagement to the nth degree – and its feeding your motivation for more…

Yet, you also have a persistent weird gnawing that any day now you are going to wake up with a burst bubble.  After all, you have known the ebb and flow of activity motivation all-too-well, one day super excited, the next no interest in looking at your running shoes much less trying a new activity.  So even though you and activity have never been better you wonder when the other shoe is going to fall.  Can capturing achievement ever be too much of a good thing?  Can my sustained motivation really continue to sustain?    

To answer: It’s not (going to fall).  It’s NEVER! (too much of a good thing).  YES! (because you are doing just what you need to do to keep it sustained). 

You probably figured these to be the answers, but here is why.

First, success pipelines more success, a power never to underestimate.  

Second, your Iron Footprint is never going to fill up or run out of room, it’s only going to get more clustered, dense and layered the more you continue to approach engagement this way.  Like the World Wide Web, over time the vast amount of ‘stuff’ may be mean more clouds within clouds, but there will always be room for more stuff.  Seeing your Iron Footprint (continue to) grow inspires, gratifies and invokes confidence…and sustains motivation!  

Third, you will sustain sustained motivation because engagement as Iron Footprint defends against plateaus and ruts, commonly but inaccurately accepted as unavoidable deterrents to any exercise routine.  Regularly trialing FitBESTS and FitBUBBLES stimulates the physiological and emotional   responses that repel both.  For example, trialing events that involve different body parts means you regularly confuse your muscles.  This is good because the surprise feature of confusion keeps your muscle fibers on their toes, not knowing what you will ask of them but ready to spring into action.  In addition, these are novel activities so along with new FitBUBBLES you notch your routine never becomes ‘too routine’ because you are constantly infusing ‘the new’ into it.  Last, both also invoke your adrenaline, another source of motivation nourishment.         

Iron Footprint achievement is real – nothing pretend or contrived, or based upon false hopes – so your success is genuine.  And like your Footprint being ever-growing, achievement will never run out, there is an endless supply

As long as you approach exercise as Iron Footprint it’s ok to keep your shoes on a shelf – they aren’t going to fall.