Today’s fitness word – SMILE

While you are doing your cardio…at the person next to you doing their cardio…to yourself for pounding out your miles…for the (hopefully) nice walking weather…in recognition of your BEST bench press ever…for someone who can’t right now…as you tie your cleats knowing you are going to kick the other team…for all your FitBASE, FitBUBBLES and FitBESTS…while you attempt Zumba, rather laugh knowing your lack of rhythm sets Zumba back a decade…at your kids while you play catch with them…as you do your fastest 5K split of your 10K race…as you pass someone during the race…back at the person who passes you…at your friend you convinced to go to the driving range…knowing you were active today – knowing you get to be active tomorrow…remembering you DO achieve in activity and you have the ‘Footprint to prove it!

Now go clean the bugs out of your teeth.