The Program

See your fitness
achievement snapshot
at a glance.

View a snapshot of your exercise activity.
See your activity fitness history at a glance. Check your performance per week, month and prior.

Access FitDownloads
Download exclusive program information and tips.

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Achievement is completing a daily workout.


Log your Daily Workouts
Record your workout activity by category from a database of hundreds of activities.

See FitBase success
Log your workouts to spell A-C-H-I-E-V-E.

  • ExerciseRECORD3
  • ExerciseRECORD
  • FitBase.BLANK

Achievement is doing a
new activity. See your
activity in your FitGalaxy™.


Physical Activity History
Log each type of activity or extra activity as a FitBubble™ area.

Your Personalized FitGalaxy™
See your activity diversity of FitBubbles™.

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  • FitBubbles

Achievement is reaching goals you set for yourself.


Track your progress toward activity goals
See yourself reach specific goals.

Track your FitBests™
See your personal records and performance improvement.

  • FitTrial
  • NewEvent


Achievement is setting a personal record in a physical activity event


Track your personal records and performance improvement
Go for personal records in traditional and unique events. 

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