Did you get your daily workout done? Excellent! Now what other physical activity have you done today?

Going to the gym contributes to your active lifestyle, but alone doesn’t mean you live actively.
Just a reminder that a physically active lifestyle means physical activity is a feature of it. Said otherwise, past the hour you spend at the gym and eight hours you spend sleeping (ok, six), make it priority to be active throughout the other 15 hours of the day.

One, it’s a quality of life thing. Exercise uniquely and profoundly makes you better—stronger, sharper, calmer, more reasonable, more analytical—whether it’s 10 minutes of walking before (and after) a conference call or 60 minutes of body pump class.

Two, it’s a resilient motivation thing. The more activity you accumulate, the more you will want to accumulate from the well-being it evokes. The sustaining power strengthens each time you add to it.

What you do during the day past sleeping and getting to the gym dictates your wellness as much as…sleeping and getting to the gym. Kind of like credit card rewards where you get two airline miles for each one dollar you spend, prioritizing activity during the other 15 hours pays off!