Make any money on over/unders? Enjoy the commercials? Get enough fun game food? Good time with friends? Like the half-time show? Oh, and did your team win?

110 million of us watched yesterday’s Super Bowl. Its cliché to mention the contrast, but last week’s State of the Union address pulled a mere 33.3 million. And no, I don’t recall any memorable commercials. Come to think of it, I don’t remember any commercials…

From the game perspective, strategies, players and match-ups were dissected and analyzed along the hundreds of media platforms casted to…dissect and analyze. If you are a media outlet and didnt have a game day crew, I suspect you will next year.

From the game-as-event perspective, it generated an estimated $550-600 million to New York/New Jersey, what with concerts, parties, the fan experience in Harold Square, and untold other ancillary events.

Whether a die-hard fan or just along for the ride, it’s a fun afternoon, less if your team didn’t win. No-miss actually considering the virtual guarantee of being entertained as much by the food, friends, half-time concert, and commercials as the game.

The event of the game has become as much if not more than the game itself, but I hope you got to the gym or got your run in. Your workouts may never draw media coverage but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t. Less hype, but no less meaningful, your activity achievement deserves the same recognition and acknowledgment as any professional athlete’s.

So don’t forget to add celebration into your routine. You never know, maybe Bruno Mars would play a set at your gym if you asked nicely. Hmm, what’s the over/under on that?…