Here’s the thing – if your motivation behaves and doesn’t turn itself off, you don’t need to worry about being able to turn it back on.

If only!

Well, here’s a new angle. Drawing from tried and true principles of ‘good teaching’, we are going to tackle motivation from a teaching perspective. Yep, we are going to teach our motivation how to behave.

Rule 1 – Tell it what it needs to do not just what it shouldn’t be doing.
We often lament over not getting enough exercise or eating poorly or not getting enough sleep or not drinking enough water, and a million other nots. Never mind the target, the lament itself erodes what little motivation might be in the tank. So, let go of lament and instead design, then focus on a plan that pathways wellness.

Iron Footprint provides an approach to fitness that frameworks how to structure purposeful, achievement-oriented engagement according to the dimensions of FitBASE, FitBESTS, and FitBUBBLES. When you use the framework to organize your physical activity plan you are giving direction to your motivation about what to focus on (what to do).

(If you aren’t familiar with the approach these words are going to seem nonsensical. Check out the book at http://www.amazon.com/Iron-Footprint-Fitness-Anne-Larson/dp/0615720447/ref=tmm_pap_title_0?ie=UTF8&qid=1388943414&sr=1-1).

Rule 2 – Praise/reward it when it does the right thing
Success begets success begets success. Any/all success needs to be acknowledged to sustain the success cycle.

Iron Footprint Fitness enables you to put all your physical activity engagement into a context whereby you can see your achievement. By notching each FitBASE, FitBEST and FitBUBBLE you can track your successes accordingly. It means something when you complete your daily workout, or hit a personal record or do an activity new to you. Acknowledging these achievements feeds your motivation, which inspires you to keep achieving.

Rule 3 – Be consistent
The saying ‘plan-the-dive-dive-the-plan’ is gold star advice. You can teach your motivation to stay on by engaging in achievement-oriented activity and then notching it in your Iron Footprint.

Take charge of your motivation by teaching it to stay on. You don’t need to struggle with inconsistent or low exercise motivation. Old dogs CAN learn new tricks and you CAN stick to and grow your routine.