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FRIDAY FOOTPRINT FLASH – Sad to see the Olympics end

FRIDAY FOOTPRINT FLASH - Sad to see the Olympics end Despite critics who roil that the commercialized branding of the Olympics tarnishes the ideals of amateur competition, each games provides the wow of the extraordinary, the human-bests in feats of skill, strength, power, and grace, and a reminder that it’s the athletes themselves who won’t [...]

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And Now a Word from our Sponsor…

There isn’t a better day than TODAY to: do more push–ups than you ever have…cross the monkey bars at the playground…learn how to juggle…run farther than you ever have…take the new fitness class at the gym…throw tennis balls for your dog to chase…climb your stairs faster than ever…get to the park with your kids…walk an [...]

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Type-A Activity Rat? – Ok, It’s a Solid Start…

Activity profile:  prioritizes engagement, self-identifies as an athlete, hard workouts are followed by harder workouts, only RARELY experiences a “I don’t wanna do this set,” much less day, follows a sport-specific training plan, plays organized sports during the week and tournaments on weekends, participates in all types of endurance events, takes only activity-focused vacations, competes [...]

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