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Spice up your cardio workout with a simple circuit routine that doubles as a fitness event. Yep, cardio sessions that build heart health AND feature competition and novelty to stoke your intensity-pushing and motivation-driving adrenaline. First, decide how many components you want for your circuit challenge, and then, select the machines. The common choices include [...]

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FRIDAY FOOTPRINT FLASH – Check out your county’s health metrics

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation/University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute team recently released the fifth annual County Health Rankings, a report that uses 29 factors to assess the wellbeing of residents in nearly every US county. The results reveal physical inactivity is decreasing and rates of obesity are leveling off, trends that deserve a glass-half-full [...]

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Motor skill practice is an Iron Footprint Fitness pillar because the better your proficiency the more activity choice you have, and the more activity choice you have the more likely you will engage any given day. It just makes sense. If limited to doing one thing, that one thing is going to get old fast. [...]

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If your gym follows trending fitness then no doubt it offers some rendition of ‘functional fitness.’ Whereas traditional strength training isolates muscle groups to induce strength, endurance, size or power gains (think barbell bench press), functional fitness is all about integration. It teaches muscle groups to work together, and the exercises almost always engage the [...]

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FRIDAY FOOTPRINT FLASH – The Lets Move initiative is working!

FRIDAY FOOTPRINT FLASH – The Lets Move initiative is working! Mrs. Obama recently marked the 4th anniversary of her (ongoing) Lets Move initiative. Concurrently, data revealed drastic improvement to the obesity rate of our nation’s 3-5 year olds. While each is a win—sustained commitment to the mission and the improved health of millions of our [...]

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Don’t worry, you don’t need to change into a gown. A quick resolution check – a month into the New Year how is your exercise routine? Grooved? Stalled? Grounded? What’s going well, what is a challenge? If you are grooved, feed the momentum by tracking achievement across your Iron Footprint and especially, regularly adding new [...]

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Alternate title: Red wagons - great exercise machines that don’t ding your credit card each month Time too crunchy to get to the gym? No babysitting available for you to go for a run? NEED exercise? No worries, the red wagon in your garage—yes, that red wagon—solves your problem, especially if you also have kids [...]

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“Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives” Any Days’ fans? I was hooked one summer when Jessie and (?) were getting ready to marry. When I briefly picked it up again later, I remember being amazed that even though the story line had densely webbed, the characters hadn’t aged. In [...]

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"Exercise that happens in the least obvious place at the least obvious time." Don’t you know it, moms! Walking loops in the grocery store parking lot...along the field while your darling practices soccer…through the hallway while another practices swimming…up and down the bleachers while yet another practices basketball…wading through playground wood-chips as your little one [...]

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