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Did you get your daily workout done? Excellent! Now what other physical activity have you done today? Going to the gym contributes to your active lifestyle, but alone doesn’t mean you live actively. Just a reminder that a physically active lifestyle means physical activity is a feature of it. Said otherwise, past the hour you [...]

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Recent research suggests a post-exercise cool down has scant effect on preventing muscle soreness. The take away message -- don’t bother cooling down -- is outrageous if not sacrilegious to many of us, after all, common sense correctly tells us to not end exercise abruptly. But of the take away to this emerging science, lets [...]

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FRIDAY FOOTPRINT FLASH – It’s the simple things

Headline: Obesity rates are lower for cities in which more residents walk or bike to work than cities whose residents use less active transport. While this is no surprise to anyone hip to obesity’s relationship with exercise (but the more correlation-strengthening data the merrier), it reinforces the notion that physical activity-preventing obesity doesn’t have to [...]

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Momentum – a hard concept to throw a net around, yet understandable at the same time. A sudden spark, and you are a step faster, a shade brighter, a notch more focused. Energy comes from a different dimension—moving is effortless—time stands still yet passes quickly. Most important, you just KNOW the shot is going to [...]

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FRIDAY FITNESS FLASH – Family togetherness at the gym

FRIDAY FITNESS FLASH – Family togetherness at the gym With schools on spring break and it being a holiday weekend, this week’s highlight was seeing families exercising together at the gym. ‘Moving families’ is in its own category of how parents can help kids develop regular exercise habits, even when perceived indifference makes it seem [...]

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FRIDAY FOOTPRINT FLASH – Check out your county’s health metrics

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation/University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute team recently released the fifth annual County Health Rankings, a report that uses 29 factors to assess the wellbeing of residents in nearly every US county. The results reveal physical inactivity is decreasing and rates of obesity are leveling off, trends that deserve a glass-half-full [...]

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Motor skill practice is an Iron Footprint Fitness pillar because the better your proficiency the more activity choice you have, and the more activity choice you have the more likely you will engage any given day. It just makes sense. If limited to doing one thing, that one thing is going to get old fast. [...]

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