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Momentum – a hard concept to throw a net around, yet understandable at the same time. A sudden spark, and you are a step faster, a shade brighter, a notch more focused. Energy comes from a different dimension—moving is effortless—time stands still yet passes quickly. Most important, you just KNOW the shot is going to [...]

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Any activity is better than no activity BUT the more it is achievement-purposeful, the stronger your motivation to keep doing it. Purposeful exercise provides a backbone for our effort by targeting intentional fitness or motor skill improvement. The opposite is ‘just’ exercise, risky since ‘today I’m just going to do some cardio’ or ‘today I’m [...]

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Make any money on over/unders? Enjoy the commercials? Get enough fun game food? Good time with friends? Like the half-time show? Oh, and did your team win? 110 million of us watched yesterday’s Super Bowl. Its cliché to mention the contrast, but last week’s State of the Union address pulled a mere 33.3 million. And [...]

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A reminder that resilient exercise motivation it IS possible, whatever your level of fitness. Achievement feeds exercise motivation, and Iron Footprint Fitness fuels your motivation to stick to and grow your routine by revealing all the ways you CAN achieve, and how to display all the ways you DO achieve. A reminder this IS realistic, [...]

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Just because you juggle the gym with work, family, and untold other variables that slam your schedule doesn’t mean you are a second-class engager. Nor should you concede your own activity due to some creepy comparison-based pecking order. You have as much right to: the weight machine as one who uses more weight… the good [...]

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How it IS about golf

Compared to men, a much lower percentage of women occupy the C-suite, a concern inspiring many thoughtful career-ists to theorize and postulate solves such as leadership seminars and workshops. The benefit of professional development noted, another tack might be more effective -- make it mandatory for all school-aged girls to learn to play golf. Perhaps [...]

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Don’t forget the product part of the fitness process. NOT body transformation, but your feats of strength, power, endurance, flexibility and skill. It matters that you did more push-ups than ever…dropped 30 seconds in your 1-mile walk time…ran farther than ever….successfully hit a shot out of the bunker for the first time….can now touch your [...]

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There are no small w’s in Winning

There are no small w’s in Winning Hit a FitBEST recently? Done more consecutive days of FitBASE workouts than ever? Added to your ‘Footprint by doing a new activity? Hello Winner! In world where we judge (most) anything related to physical activity according to wins and losses all of your achievement deserves a BIG W! [...]

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