Diana Nyad, you are a ‘Distinctive’ Iron Cougar.  On behalf of the Iron Cougar Fitness community, welcome and please accept our congratulations for stroking and kicking your dream to its successful end!  

Yesterday, 64-year young Diana waded out of the water at Key West, Florida signifying the completion of a 30+ year goal – swimming from Cuba to the US without using a shark cage.  110 miles and 54 hours after jumping into the ocean in Havana, Diana stood on the white sand of Key West and crossed that puppy off her to-do list.  Her message to the people (paraphrased) – you are never too old to realize your dreams, and never give up.  The Iron Cougar message to you, Diana (not paraphrased) – you are one Bad A**!!

To all Iron Cougars, I couldn’t help but think of the million reasons Diana’s accomplishment offered a parallel to what you do every day, considering you are the orbit around which so many others’ lives revolve. Just as realizing her dream required unwavering commitment, stood the test of time, and was done with no one looking, the same is true about the unrelenting dedication you have to those around you.  To your adult kids and their kids you are the sage IT that is the rock to their dreams.     

Distance swimming induces a trance-like, hypnotic rhythm.  At the same time you image the end you can’t lose touch with the here-and-now.  You become one with the experience, but it’s always more about the experience than you.  So too with your role as an Iron Cougar.  You become one with your loved ones but selflessly, for it’s never about you.