Probably because some of us are still winding down from the eating season, a food analogy about activity comes to mind. It’s only natural that activity routines are anchored by what we deem our staples. Considering personal preference, or knees that can do some things but not others, we all have our go-to’s, the exercises that we do day in and day out. Besides, isn’t that what ‘routine’ means?

Yes, and no. It’s ok to rely on your staples as long as you don’t forget to add the side dishes!
This is a reminder that formal exercise is but ONE form of physical activity; and albeit the most popular, other forms can deliver its unique and profound health protection and wellness, and SHOULD be included for the sake of variety and of course the growth of your Iron Footprint.

Sure, the 8-color box of crayons colors a nice picture, and Black and White TV projects an image, and Pong is fun to play, but the depth of the experience and the sensory connection pales compared to the 64-color box of crayons, plasma TV, or Madden Football/FIFA Soccer.

Your activity staple is the former. It’s white bread, rice and potatoes. The real magic occurs when you branch out and grow your activity portfolio. Then its multi-grain crusty bread, wild rice with saffron, and twice-baked scalloped potatoes.

Aloha means hello and goodbye. Exercise means step class, and pilates, and kettle bell training, and basketball, and Crossfiit, and Zumba, and football, and swimming, and…

Happy New Year, and here’s to new recipes for side dishes…