Anytime Fitness doesn’t need me to toot its horn, but after using one of its clubs for the first time I’m tooting, loudly. At face value it’s a gym like any other. A hodgepodge of cardio and weight equipment, and clientele equally as diverse, some uber-fit, others new to fitness but realizing the magic unique to a 20-minute treadmill walk.

Deeper than face value is the primary pillar of its operating philosophy – members have 24/7/365 access to the club. 2am – yep. Holidays – yep. Anytime is your time to work on your Iron Footprint at Anytime!

To that, safety appears to be priority one, especially/obviously for patrons working out alone when the rest of us are sleeping. I imagine it’s the same across all clubs, but notices are posted to NOT open the door for anyone, and lanyards with an alert sensor are provided so members can summon help in an emergency.

Since I wasn’t part of the business development team I can only speculate about the model’s premise, but three messages about the approach stick out to me:

–We trust you (members) to use the facility safely and respectfully
–Fitness is so important we will eliminate the barrier of scheduled access
–Fitness is about you, not about us

Thanks, Anytime, for trusting me, eliminating the number one barrier to engagement, and sagely realizing you are a true conduit to my relationship with fitness, but not its definition.