Don’t forget the product part of the fitness process. NOT body transformation, but your feats of strength, power, endurance, flexibility and skill.

It matters that you did more push-ups than ever…dropped 30 seconds in your 1-mile walk time…ran farther than ever….successfully hit a shot out of the bunker for the first time….can now touch your toes while stretching your hamstrings….notched more consecutive FitBASE workouts than ever…bench pressed your weight – twice!

It’s also significant, important, noteworthy, major, an achievement, and a big deal because it’s
fun, satisfying, and gratifying to track then acknowledge your performance benchmarks.

Mostly, it’s all that and more for how it feeds your motivation for more – more push-ups…time drops in your 1-mile walk… golf…flexibility improvement…consecutive days of working out…muscular strength…

Results matter for the more results they inspire!