A reminder that resilient exercise motivation it IS possible, whatever your level of fitness.

Achievement feeds exercise motivation, and Iron Footprint Fitness fuels your motivation to stick to and grow your routine by revealing all the ways you CAN achieve, and how to display all the ways you DO achieve.

A reminder this IS realistic, and that simple, even if counterintuitive because of having learned to define achievement so narrowly (and unrealistically) it’s a target nearly impossible to hit.

Iron Footprint Fitness transforms the meaning of physical activity success by introducing engagement as multi-dimensional, and revealing how it occurs across each dimension. Simply, we succeed when we complete our daily workout, do an activity new to us or in addition to our daily workout, or set a personal record in a physical activity event. Three different dimensions of engagement – three different ways to ‘collect’ achievement, then track it as your ‘Iron Footprint’.

The result is a dependable and reliable stream of achievement that dependably and reliably fuels your motivation.

Never can be a big word, but if you approach fitness as Iron Footprint your access to the strongest source of motivation will never goes away.