I don’t know about you, but I’d like to think we can once and for all move passed the conversation that compares/contrasts physical activity according to males and females. Really! It’s just not 1955, Laura Petrie in her apron has assumed her rightful spot in the Smithsonian, and most of us can laugh at Mad Men. In so many ways we really have moved passed the need to compare/contrast, but every so often the conversation raises its ugly head. I guess I should be happy it is only every so often, but even so often it way TOO often.

The point today pertains to our kids. We ought to no more protect our girls from achieving in physical activity than think our boys are emotionally impenetrable. We need to raise our kids to be personally and socially responsible and equip them with the skills and knowledge needed to achieve in today’s world. Broadly considered, participation alone can be terrific, but we can’t short-change our girls by not teaching them how to win or disregard the emotional side of our boys.

I’ll spare the details of how this came up other than to finish with what underlies the mission of Iron Cougar Fitness. EVERYONE CAN AND DESERVES TO ACHIEVE IN PHYSICAL ACTIVITY! This will develop resilient motivation that helps you stick to and grow your routine, the result being realizing the physical, cognitive, and emotional wellness that activity uniquely and profoundly gifts!!!