Just because you juggle the gym with work, family, and untold other variables that slam your schedule doesn’t mean you are a second-class engager. Nor should you concede your own activity due to some creepy comparison-based pecking order.

You have as much right to: the weight machine as one who uses more weight… the good treadmill as one who goes faster… the more convenient locker as one who is there more often… mat space as one more flexible… group class space as one who attends every class


Achievement as one more fit.

Even if the gym is ONE of your commitments doesn’t mean it’s any less important for you compared to someone else who has more time to spend. Don’t concede your achievement, nor ever consider it gratuitous. After all, for all of us on any given day there is going to be someone who is stronger, or faster, or more flexible, or more whatever — even more reason that on any given day, rather everyday, we make it about us, and leave comparisons for toilet paper softness.

Dear Self,
I have permission to use each piece of gym equipment just as anyone else. Most important, I have permission to achieve at the gym just as anyone else.