“Exercise that happens in the least obvious place at the least obvious time.”

Don’t you know it, moms!

Walking loops in the grocery store parking lot…along the field while your darling practices soccer…through the hallway while another practices swimming…up and down the bleachers while yet another practices basketball…wading through playground wood-chips as your little one swings and climbs on the unrecognizable animal structure…

630pm one day, 530am another day, or 330pm on weekends during halftime of the soccer game… And, on a conference call or answering voicemail at the same time—just typical plate spinning done by the real pros.

Exercise doesn’t care where it happens or how. Just that it does. The mommie-cised kind is as good as any pilates or boot camp class or stairmaster time. After all, there is no rule that exercise counts only if it occurs at something called a gym.

Take the ‘I have to go somewhere to do exercise’ out of the equation and just do it the mommie-cised way – at the least obvious place at the least obvious time.